Saturday, March 13, 2010


So... pretty much all I've been doing lately involves my Yoga Psychology Research project and I am happy to say it is going well. I recently was awarded FULL finding from the Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunities committee at USU. And now I will be working with Dr. Johnson to create a proposal fit to send to the Institutional Review Board!

I'm so happy that I live in the Uintah Basin because of the great community support I have already received! I have been so lucky to acquire a facility that generously approves and supports the project 100% in fact they insisted we use the facility at no cost (how great is that... only in the Basin are people generous)! I also found a wonderful instructor who is so supportive and I am so excited to work with her more!

Although we have come so far... the IRB estimates a 3 - 4 month waiting process while they go through proposals with a fine tooth comb... This is going to be a long wait but I also think it will be a great time to slow down and smell the roses!! ;) Also Russ and I will be working on the Mountain again this summer and I can't wait!

Other things our life... Russ sprang his ankle playing in the church ball stake tournament (but it is healing). Next week is spring break (Yay!) and Russ and I are going to go to the Jazz vs. Hornet game! Our 1st wedding anniversary is in exactly 2 weeks (finally we get to eat the rest of our cake... maybe... I hear after a year it probably won't taste fantastic)! That is pretty much it for now :)