Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Playing with New Toys

So lately Russ and I have been having fun playing with our new toys! ... my 22 rifle and Russ' recurve bow (he got it for Christmas, and luckily really likes it even thought it's not what he asked Santa for :D ).
We messed around a bit on Saturday... I must say I thought I was doing really well shooting at some pop bottles and oil jugs... I knocked all 5 down at least once... It only took me 45 tries!!! Man I guess I need more practice... ?!?
Russell's brother Mitch came up too and they shot their traditional bows... I think they did pretty good except loosing one arrow in the hay stack!!

Full Draw :)

Russ and Mitch with their traditional bows

Russ had to go find an arrow that went into the hay stack... so funny!!!

Me and my Henry

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